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Now partnering with local businesses like you in the following categories:

Apparel & Accessory

General Merchandise

Food & Drink Places

Service Related Businesses

Grow your business

Increases sales

Control your spend

Fun and excitement

GameIQ is

How it works

Simply set the average reward percentage and the minimum sale required to qualify for a reward. GameIQ does the rest!

The gamification difference

Turn traditional promotions into engaging, enjoyable experiences


Launch Partner Program

Available to exclusive partners in select areas for a limited time.

All Standard Fees Waived

✓ No start-up cost or fee
✓ No monthly or annual fees
✓ No transaction validation fees
✓ No data access fees

Free Start-up Promotional Assets

✓ In-store ads, window clings
✓ Email, web content
✓ Other custom content available upon request

Free Advanced Features*

✓ Customized data sets
✓ Mobile Notifications
✓ Local advertising activations
*Not available in some areas

GameIQ is coming to San Diego, CA!

Are you ready to get in on the action?

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